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Library Research Guides

(Primarily instruction guides I've developed, and bibliographies to reference materials)

The following five items are all annotated bibliographies to reference materials on these specific topics.

African American Studies
American Indian Studies
Asian American Studies
U.S. Latino Studies
LGBT / Queer Studies

What is "Information Literacy?"
I wrote this attempt at a definition for Undergrad Commons users; Spring 2001

Comparing Web Search Engines

Brief instruction guide I wrote for the Undergrad Commons, Fall 2000

Comparing Scholarly Journals & Popular Publications
Another instruction guide I wrote for the UC, Fall 2000

Searching by Subject or by Keyword
Another instruction guide, meant to highlight the differences in these search strategies. Written for the UC, Fall 2000

Finding Primary Sources for African History
Guide for History 311, but useful concepts for any student looking for primary resources. As of Spring 2001, I adapated the guide for the Undergrad Commons as well, turning it more general

Foreign Language Resources on the Web
Listing of language web resources for Spanish, French, German, and other languages. I developed this page primarily as a "prototype" for web resource page organization; it became the basis for my Library's actual "Foreign Language Resources on the Web" page, to which I also added a few relevant indexes.

Library Research Process
How to do research guide, 1998-present

Looking for multicultural videos in Parks Library?

Latin American Studies
I developed this while at the Univ. of Iowa, 1993-95; very few changes have been made to it since then.

U.S. Latino Studies
I developed this while at the Univ. of Iowa, 1993-95; very few changes have been made to it since then. It is the precursor to my Latino Studies guide listed above.

Special Workshops & Exhibits

Hispanic Heritage Month
Fall 2001 - I did the content and supervised image selection, Vanitha Alagirisamy did the design and markup.

Foundations for the Future
Young Leaders summer workshop, developed by the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women & Politics. A library research and information literacy workshop I developed for this Summer 2001 program.

NEW Leadership Midwest
A web information literacy workshop for young women; co-sponsored by the ISU Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women in Politics, and Rutgers University; Summer 2000

George Washington Carver - Resources
I updated and expanded a bibliography of periodical literature on GWC, in conjunction with a university-wide commemoration of Carver and his many contributions; Fall 1998

Course-Related Instruction

(Selected Library Instruction web pages I've developed for recent classes at ISU)

Intro to African American Studies
AfAm / LAS 201, Spring 2002."Resources" page.

Latino/a Experience in US Society
Soc 332, Spring 2002. "Resources" page.

Casa Hispánica Learning Community
Fall 2001 - Update & expansion of my Fall 1999 materials, with translation assistance from Eduaro García Villada and Oscar Salazar

Latino History
LAS 240, Fall 2001 - "Resources" page and markup

U.S. Immigration
HIST 345, Fall 2001 - "Resources" page and markup

Multicultural Learning Community
LAS 150, Fall 2001 - "Resources" page and markup

Ethnic & Race Relations
Soc 330, Fall 2001 - "Resources" page & "Hispanic Heritage Month" online exhibit

Intro to Women's Studies
WS 201, Fall 2001 - "Resources" page & markup

African American Women
WS / AfAm 350, Spring 2001. Course pages for a Women's Studies / African American Studies class participating in the Library's Undergrad Commons, the web-based instruction initiative that I direct. I wrote the "Resources" page, and did the mark up for all the others as well

Introduction to Latino Studies
LAS 211, Spring 2001. Another UC class website; I wrote the "Resources" page, did the mark up for all the others; the PowerPoint presentation is a modified version of what I presented during the class instruction session

Advanced Spanish Conversation
Span 403, Spring 2001. Another UC class website; my goal was to do this entirely in Spanish, but it turned out to be difficult to translate UC materials quickly. Eduardo García Villada generously provided the translation for the "Evaluation" page. I did all the web work, and wrote the "Periódicos," "Buscadores," and "Recursos" pages.

Society, Values & Change in a Diverse Nation
LAS 150x, Multicultural Learning Community, Fall 2000. Another UC class website; I wrote the "Resources" page, and did the web work for the rest of the pages as well

African American Ethnology
Anthropology 333 / 533, Fall 2000. The first class materials & pages I've prepared for the Undergrad Commons, in my capacity as its new Project Leader

Asian American Culture: History & Community
Asian American Studies / LAS 325x, Spring 2000

History of the African Diaspora
History 477x, Spring 2000

Introduction to African History
History 311, Spring 2000

Latino/a Experiences in US Society
Sociology 332, Spring 2000

Racial & Ethnic Studies
Sociology 330, Spring 2000

20th Century African American Poetry
English 460, Fall 1999

Casa hispánica
Spanish language Learning Community, Fall 1999 - present

Introduction to Spanish-English Translation
Spanish 351, Fall 1999

Multicultural Perspectives
Art Education 514, Fall 1999; updated Fall 2000

History of Southern Africa
History 438x, Spring 1997

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